Inspired by Japanese traditional craftsmanship, Mikas Emil, who lived in Japan for six month, works with his drawings in a more dimensional way, by using modern techniques of today. 

Mikas Emil’s art blends traditional drawing with new modern technology, mixing between the 2 dimensional and the 3 dimensional. 

Mikas Emil received his Masters from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Architecture. 

Mikas Emil, who currently lives in Copenhagen, enjoyed exploring the use of industrial machines as a tool to “achieve a new and different motif, leaving the drawing in the hands of the machine, [which] immediately creates a new set of rules and guidelines.”







+45 42804870

Biography /  

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark 1983, lives in Copenhagen, DK


Studies / 

2011 MAA, The Royal Danish Academy of fine art, school of Architecture, DK

2010 Junior architect, ARO - Architecture research office, New York, USA

2009 Junior architect, ArkKobe, JP

2008 BFA, The Royal Danish Academy of fine art, school of Architecture, DK


Solo exhibitions /

2018 “ArabianSEA” BalmainSpace, Sydney, AU

2016 “Rastløs”“, SPACE10 gallery, Copenhagen, DK

2016 “The third dimension - From 2D to 3D“, The Hole gallery, New York, USA

2015 “Water Slides”, Gallery Christian IX´s, Copenhagen, DK

2015 “Slim To None”, Gallery Christian IX´s, Copenhagen, DK


Group exhibitions /

2018 “Copenhagen Creatives”, Paris, Masion Du Danemark.

2017 “Variants of consciousness”, Gallery VÆG, Aalborg, DK

2014 “Indian Summer Show“, Gallery VÆG, Aalborg, DK

2014 “Horse Of Rock“, Studiestræde, Copenhagen, DK

2013 “2013“, Gallery VÆG, Aalborg, DK

2013 “IDOART” Gallery VESS, Copenhagen, DK.


Art Association /

2019 “Gyldendal kunstforening”, Copenhagen.
2017 “Red cross kunstforening”“, Taastrup, DK
2017 “DSB kunstforening”“, Taastrup, DK


Residency /

2018 Hafnia Australie, visited Dubai, Magadascar, India.
29 days residency on a 235m long olie tanker creating the work for the Exhiibition ArabianSEA

2015 Jørn Utzon - Can Lis, Mallorca, ES
1 months residency, creating a method in brainstorming from analog models.

2014 Danish Art Workshop (SVK) 3 month, Copenhagen, DK
3 months residency to create a new dining table and find a design solution.


Public / 

2017 Roskilde festival, Politiken

2014 City Wall - Copenhagen, DK - Collaboration with the danish subway system


Funding and grants /

2018 Hafnia Tankers

2015 The danish art foundation, travel funding

2014 The danish art foundation, production fundings

2014 Augustinus fonden

2010 Oticon fonden


Other /

2015 Johannes Torpe Studio. 

2013 KiBiSi - Kilo, BIG, Silo.

2012 AMPD - Architect Ministry, Production Design.

2012 Architect for danish artist Mie Olise. 

2011 Architect for danish artist Mie Olise.

Upcoming shows / 2018 - 2019

2019 Virtuel exhibition, Arabian Sea.
2019 “Copenhagen Creatives”, Beirut.