Hafnia Australia / Olie Tanker
16 feb. -15 feb. 2018.

In 2018 I was invited to be part of ‘Art Month’ Sydney, where over 100 studios, galleries and ARIs (Artist Run Initia- tives) open their doors over two weekends in March for the Inner West Open Studio Trail (IWOST).

Before leaving to Sydney I received a residency by Hafnia Tankers on board an oil tanker.
The trip was the inspiration for the show in Sydney where I was sailing from Dubai to Madagascar and back to India.
29 days on the Arabian Sea.

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Can Lis Mallorca, Jørn Utzon.
12 feb. -15 mar. 2015.

One month residency in Jørn Utzon’s house, Can Lis, in Mallorca. You always had the feeling of not really knowing if you were inside or outside. Me and my friend, designer Kia Utzon-Frank went there to work on an idea development process. 

It’s a way of getting ideas through making a model a day (or more) based on a given starting point – in this case Can Lis – and see where it would take us. There was no goal. The whole idea with the process is that by not having a goal you will set your ideas free and you will reach corners of creativity you didn’t knew you could reach. We were in this house, where we were not allowed to change anything, but by making these see-through screens we could project objects and even other rooms and spaces onto the screens, thereby creating new temporary spaces. Now we’re working on using the screens to merge architectural classics into each other and create a super-house. It’s not as straightforward as we thought, especially as we live in different countries. 

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